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"The Day the Earth Stood Back" and "An Unsung Hero"

Ha ha! You know, I just noticed the heading up there says it's Friday the 13th today! I feel so oblivious now--I completely didn't realize that all day. Why is 13 supposed to be an unlucky number, anyway? I've lived in the 13th state my whole life and I've never found Friday the 13th to be unlucky--although Saturday the 14th has often hosted some odd occurances. Oh, and here's an interesting fact: in RI, on Rt. 95 the exit for the airport is Exit 13! Hmmm...maybe the 13s cancel each other out?

Anyway here are the links to two more stories. The first, "The Day the Earth Stood Back," is not exactly a Kuroro story, although it does have a few contemplative moments. I'm putting it up mainly because it is related to the second story "An Unsung Hero" which is very much a Kuroro story. They're not exactly sequels; more like cousins. In any case, I hope you enjoy them!

Long live crazy alternate reality cross-time capers! ;)

"The Day the Earth Stood Back"

"An Unsung Hero"
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